There are a number of ways to plug into Captain’s work. He offers Sexological Bodywork and Scar Tissue Remediation sessions that are hands-on direct sex education and boundary work with the body. He offers somatic oriented talk based counselling to individuals, families and groups of all make ups. Presentations and workshops are other ways to explore your sexuality and desire. Captain also teaches two Sexological Bodywork Trainings annually if you are hearing the call of becoming a Somatic Sex Educator. Please book a 15 minute consultation with him to hear more about the work and see if we are a good fit to work together. ¬†Captain works in three session blocks sessions are as follows; 1. Intake & Boundaries and Erotic Independence 2. Desire, Consent and Bodystories 3. Repatterning, Pleasure and Outake. After the three sessions we can both contract to continue the work.

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