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Liberating and celebrating our sexual selves is a vital part of our human journey. Find help here to explore your desires, to discover the tools to create a pleasure-enriched life, find erotic independence and move from a shame based reality to a pleasure based reality.

Experience the freedom of a reclaimed sexual self, an embodied existence, and the infinite possibilities of expanding your relationships with self and others. Through sex coaching, counselling, sexological bodywork and workshops you will get the sex education you have always deserved.


  • Ariadne H. Luya
  • Celeste Hershman
  • Laurie
  • Ethan
  • Peter

"Dr. Liam Snowdon brings to his practice of sexology both advanced technical skills and deep human compassion. His ability to work with a wide variety of people and their concerns while offering kind, ethical, and effective guidance is indicative of his expertise in the very complex field of human sexuality. I would never hesitate to refer a client, or a friend, to Dr. Snowdon."

Ariadne H. Luya
Certified Professional Midwife

"Liam is a compassionate, intelligent and supportive educator and coach. It is rare to find such a helpful and caring soul; I would trust him to work with my own sister."

Celeste Hershman


“When you facilitated our small group, I was really touched by your sincerity and your openness. I really appreciated when you sat silently with us because it gave me the opportunity to connect with what was true for me, and I felt no pressure to provide a particular kind of response. I experienced a deep sense of acceptance during our end of the day sessions, and I want to thank you for the work you did to make that possible.”

Laurie (45)
Workshop Participant

“Working with Dr. Snowdon I learned that I have have a sexual centre that is quite powerful and present that I don’t always acknowledge.”

Ethan (25)

“The workshop was a great first step and learning experience for me as I begin a journey into better and more communicative sex. I have a long way to go, but with this group, and Liam’s able guidance, I am more confident about starting than I ever have been. Thanks!”

Peter (45)
Workshop Participant